Timber Processing

We are capable of recreating any timber profile/moulding up to a size of 300mm x 150mm. This includes anything from a simple dressed board up to a complicated moulding.

Our staff are well trained and very knowledgeable, collectively possessing over 50 years of experience in processing timber.

Please contact us for a quote on all your timber-processing needs.

Flooring Profiles
Weatherboard Profiles
Architraves & Skirting Profiles
Any Timber Moulding Profiles
Standard & Castellated Battens
- Door Jambs - Reveals - Sills - Decking - Sarking - Panelling - Fascia -

Below are some examples of what we are capable of but are not limited to

Our Machinery

Two Leadermacs & 1 SCM

  • Our primary timber-moulding machines.
  • Maximum machining size 300mm x 150mm in-feed.
  • One machine purchased in 1995 and still produces a perfect finish.
  • Two machines purchased within the last 3 years and are of the most up-to-date technology available for creating timber mouldings.
  • All 3 machines are capable of processing thousands of lineal metres of timber per day.

Paul Optimizing Docking Saw

  • Computerised machine best suited for large runs that require the timber to be cut to a certain length.
  • Eliminates timber defects with a laser eye.
  • Can program multiple different lengths as required.
  • Capable of high-volume production

Stenner Saw Band

  • Cuts timber to size with minimum kerf, making it suitable for further machining or kiln-drying.
  • Can change the thickness and/or width of timber.
  • Used to create bandsawn face on weatherboards / T&G Panelling
  • Maximum size 250mm x 100mm.

End matcher

  • Produces a factory finish tongue-and-groove on the ends of flooring pieces to lock timber flooring on all 4 sides.
  • Ideal for high-priced flooring, reducing unnecessary wastage

Template Maker & Knife Grinder

  • A computer-controlled machine that carves out plastic templates to the required timber profile.
  • This template is then placed into the knife grinder, which follows the template (similar to how a key is cut) and grinds the steel knife to the timber profile.
  • The steel knives are then set into timber-moulding machines (SCM1 & Leadermacs) which in turn create the timber moulding.