About Us

Belfast Timber was established in 1985 under the ownership and management of Neville Clark & Suzanne Borsje, who to this day remain co-owners and managers.

The company has been family-owned-and-operated since its inception.

To ensure that our operations will continue to flourish, the company is currently training the next generation of family members to become full participating owners and managers. These family members have grown up around the business and are dedicated to upholding the company’s reputation for providing quality service.

The business activities in the company’s early years were limited to one dehumidification kiln to process native timber and the factory and storage space at this time was 500m2.

Over the next 30 years the company would grow extensively and has now grown to well over 4800m2 of factory and storage space.

The available services would come to include a full machine shop, conventional kilns, dry storage facilities, timber coating operation as well as being approved by MPI to accept and devann any shipping containers and to heat treat imported timber, seed, & stored products.

We continue to monitor our kiln drying & timber processing machinery and plan upgrades as required.
Our customer base consists of furniture makers, builders, merchants, exporters, joiners as well as the general public.

The timber we process goes towards big & small projects throughout New Zealand, including ones as large as the Christchurch town hall and as small as ones veranda decking.

We are happy to help our clients no matter the size of their project.