Cutting Knives

Pictured below are the actual knives required to cut profiles into timber.

We have a wide range of knives in our collection, including most standard weatherboard, architrave, skirting, decking, and flooring profiles.

Some custom timber profiles may require knives to be made if we cannot adjust existing steel knives.

The knife starts out as a square piece of steel and is ground in a machine, fol­lowing the shape of a plastic template until it repli­cates the shape of the required profile (similar to how a key is cut).

All of this work is done in-house, giving us the flexibility to produce or re-create any timber profile in a timely manner.

End Matching

End Matching is a process that machines the tongue and groove onto the ends of each length of flooring.

This gives each piece of flooring the ability to lock in the sides and the ends, giving you 4 total connection points when the flooring is being installed.

End Matching also allows you to join flooring together mid span ( i.e in-between floor joists).