Welcome to Belfast Timber LTD

Belfast Timber specializes in custom kiln-drying and timber processing.

Our kiln-drying technology and our timber-processing machinery is the best available in the industry. We can dry all native and exotic timbers, including Rimu, Macrocarpa, Beech, Matai, and Pine. Our machine shop is capable of producing or re-creating any custom or standard profiles such as – but not limited to – flooring, skirting, decking, weatherboards, and architraves.

We are a MPI-approved transitional facility and heat-treatment provider, certifying us to prepare timber for export (including certification to supply ISPM15 packaging) and to heat-treat imported timber, timber products, seed, and stored products.

Over our 30-plus-year history we have developed valuable industry experience, and we now possess extensive knowledge with which to best serve our clients. We welcome all enquiries and are happy to offer advice where we can and as requested.



We are capable of producing or recreating any timber profile/moulding up to a size of 300mm x 150mm. This includes skirting, architrave, cladding, decking, sills, and flooring.

Kiln Drying

We operate Fogarty, Windsor, and Dehumidification kilns, capable of drying native and exotic timbers. We currently operate 9 kilns.

Timber Coating

We have an automated timber-coating machine, suitable for sizes of up to 280mm x 50mm. This machine is capable of coating thousands of metres per day on all four faces.

Heat Treatment & ATF

We are a MPI-approved heat treater of imported timber, seeds & stored products, we are also an approved transitional facility allowing us to accept and devann any shipping container.

Kiln Dried Firewood

We offer kiln-drying for all firewood species.

ISPM15 Supply

Our ISMP15 certification allows us to supply/stamp and heat-treat wood packaging used on export products.